summer sunnies



The great thing about Luxottica launches, is that they give you an idea of what’s trending in Europe, ensuring that by the time the wind dies down and you hit the beach, you’re wearing the most stylish summer sunnies of the season. Last week I went to the Spring/Summer 2015 trend launch and treated my eyes to the latest colours, designs, concepts and styles for the sunny season.
Ok, so first up, yes, I know the sunnies in the Luxottica stable (Ray Ban, Oakley, Prada, Vogue and Dolce and Gabbana) aren’t exactly, erm, cheap, but you’re buying into quality here. You wouldn’t hit the beach with sunscreen you paid R10 bucks for expecting it to really work right? So why not treat your eyes the same. Fork out a bit extra pocket money and buy a reasonable pair of glasses that not only look amazing, but are also made form materials designed to protect your eyes.
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Break-up revenge – a new approach


heart broken

The only thing worse than a break-up, is losing a break-up.

I’m not suggesting a battle between you and your ex for the title of who’s dealing with the heartbreak best, I’m talking about you overcoming the break up to better yourself.

“It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all” So, wipe those tears away and let’s get some break up revenge!

Ignore the stereotype of crying all the time, eating ice-cream (although a little won’t hurt), the feeling as though your life has ended, and potentially gaining those dreadful break-up kilos.

It ends today! Pull yourself together girls, and win the break-up:

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What the Carrie Bradshaw Diaries taught me


carrie perez

A good series gets good ratings, a great series (kinda like SWG) on the other hand, never gets old. It acts as a reference point from time to time. Whether for its quote-ables, tear-inducing boyfriend and girlfriend scenes, styling ideas (the unforgettable outfits) etc. There’s always something there for you. It’s like having a lifestyle encyclopedia of sorts. I for one hold the belief that Carrie Bradshaw Diaries is iconic.

But enough of that, let’s let me move on to subject matter: Carrie Bradshaw. What did the Carrie Bradshaw Diaries teach me?

  • Every great story has a beginning…
  • Networking is an art you have to acquaint yourself with, in the big city
  • Coffee is quite the fashionable accessory
  • A life lived in Manolo Blahniks, is a life truly lived.

Every great story has a beginning, remember that it is a journey and not a destination, now cliché as this may sound it rings quite true. We set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and when they work out as planned, we feel like we’ve let ourselves down. Not true, Carrie set out to be a great writer in NY, but it would take many years before she actually established some form of stability. The lesson, set realistic goals, with realistic time frames and allow yourself some lag and delay, because it is a journey.

Network, because building up noteworthy contacts is vital for any career path. Get a part-time job, any job, anywhere as long as you’ll get a good reference and get the experience of working with people. We might not be as lucky as Carrie who got to work for a big glossy magazine like ‘Interview’, but your good reference may just land you your dream job!

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In those Jeans: Why jeans will always be cool


What is the one item you’re guaranteed to find in everyone’s wardrobe, and I mean everyone? Jeans of course! Jeans have been a staple in wardrobes around the world for decades and here’s the good news; they are worn by the coolest people, grandfathers, cowboys, style-icons, your BFFs, supermodels… basically everyone everywhere has a pair.

Jeans are essentially the one item of clothing that gives you room to explore your versatility (we can all be stylists, sometimes). Whether you’re embracing the norm-core trend, or channeling Rihanna ala sassy shorts and strappy heels, or perhaps, a relaxed tee and a pair of cheeky shorts for the weekend; your options are wide and countless.
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Treat your body this Christmas


Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 3.18.13 PM
It’s crazy to think Christmas is around the corner, but before we freak out about putting the tree up, add The Body Shop’s Christmas range to your wish list.

The Body Shop doesn’t disappoint this year, and has brought us new scents and new Christmas goodies that you’d sacrifice your mistletoe kiss for.

This Christmas enjoy the smells of glazed apple, frosted cranberry, and vanilla brûlée. Indulge in the colours of Christmas, and smell good as well.

The Body Shop also offers great gifts that they claim will make you squeal with delight – and I ain’t complaining. So, treat yourself or a loved one to lollipops of body butter, bath and body gifts that include polar bears, and the ultimate gift that will have you looking great for the next year.

Don’t miss out on fun Christmas accessories of inspirational beauty bags and even more polar bear themed goodies. There’s also limited edition makeup that includes trending nail polish and a Lip & Cheek Stain Doll.

Blossom, in Spring.

spring blossom

I love the change of seasons, they always symbolise a range of possibilities. They signal a new dawn, a fresh start. I particularly enjoy the warmer seasons, spring and summer because they allow one to be free and wear short-shorts Monday to Monday, amongst other fashion pleasures. Life is essentially a beach, during these seasons.

But there’s so much more to a new season, than what fashion runways bring forth, the SpringSummer14 selections by the way have been visionary. There are great collections to look forward to with plenty of florals (not that we’re complaining, we love florals) sunnies, kimonos, flip flops and countless other great fashion pieces, there’s something intangible, there is hope. The new season brings about a renewed sense of hope.

Hope is a phenomenon that we seldom appreciate, it may manifest itself in the most uncanny of ways and forms. Never bluntly in your face, sometimes just subtle hints from Mother Nature reminding us that we’re going be fine, or a simple compliment from a stranger that could completely alter your outlook on life, or that issue that has been bugging you for quite some time.

We’re all aware of how our winters’ can be bitterly cold, which is much like a bleak period in one’s life. A point where you just miss the sunny skies, and the safety and assurance they bring about. Arthur Schopenhauer summed it up simply when he said “life without pain has no meaning” and it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical pain, but the varied forms of pain. Which are often symbolised by the winter of ones’ life. Suffice to say, we love sunny South Africa. Now back to the fun part, ah yes spring. What is it about this particular season that symbolises hope, to me?

To start off, spring is defined as per Wikipedia (Wiki is surprisingly useful), as: the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May and in the southern hemisphere from September to November.

The season after winter, after the darkness, quite poetic, the fresh breath of air and the blossoms of the vegetation. So picture yourself as a plant, a flower, that is now blooming, so it can show of its beauty in summer. It makes the prospect of winter so much more tolerable. In essence, this effort was to remind us of how we need to go through certain events in our life, no matter how dark or cold, to enjoy the happier times. This is how one grows, into their best.

Happy Spring to all.

Forever 21 in South Africa. Finally


forever 21Now that the dust has settled, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about my experience at the Forever 21 shop opening a couple of weeks back.

This global store hit South African shores, the Cape’s to be exact, and opened its doors officially on Saturday the 13th of September. And there I was, in line, sipping on my Mugg & Bean essentials, waiting for the ultimate shopping experience.

I was number 54 in the queue out of the 300 lucky shoppers (with gold stars) who were going to receive free watchers that day, and was lucky enough to have had more sleep than the crazy 4am-mers who were first in line.

KFM even rocked up, and things started to become exciting. Their ground patrol team created some hype, and got girls to scream at octaves not acceptable at that time of the day. They started handing out vouchers, and to my luck they called out for girls who were 21 (because it’s Forever 21…), and what are the odds that that’s me!

This girl I met in the queue looked at me, and we began running towards the beautiful KFM lady. After jumping over a bouncer-looking rope, and shoving my ID in the poor woman’s face, she handed me a R500 voucher!

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Promenade Mondays


Last week I took an adventurous roll into the world of skating, and the Cape’s notorious Promenade Mondays.Unfortunately my skills on skateboards is somewhat lacking… but it didn’t take away from the energy I felt from the impromtu friendships and joint-skating passion that literally filled the cool spring air.

Without anything to ride, and feeling a little nervous due to my lack of skills, I met up with the crew at their end point – the Sea Point Library. I was amazed by the amount of people (of all shapes and sizes) and even the little groms (trying out the lingo) taking on the hill with their mad skills.
Not only is the sport for guys, but girls from all styles were there to show off, with even the cutest little girl who completely shreaded the tar hill and put all the boys to shame – true SWG style.
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Growing up an Olsen


How the Olsen Sisters became Style Pioneers

All over the world, Mary-Kate & Ashley are synonymous with style. It is one of their unique selling points, we see them in front rows at fashion shows and they’re included in almost every reputable magazine’s best-dressed list consistently. Bloggers blog and re-blog about them, they’re modern day muses. Yet how and when did the sisters grow to such notoriety in the fashion world?
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