Cropped Tops – Love or Hate?


This fashion comeback seems to have wiggled its way into winter fashion. So say hello to a cold back in the sacrifice to look good.

It’s also made its mark on the international scene, with celebs cropping-it-up on the red carpet and to the after parties.

The rule of thumb with cropped tops is that your naval should not be on show – unless you have killer abs. Seriously though, this is not a belly dancing competition.

Pair them with cute high-waisted pants, shorts, or a skirt. You want to feel good, and a little bit sexy. The idea is not to be flashy and in-your-face, rather maintain a slight mystery about yourself…

I’ve tapped into the minds of some fashionistas and found some great tips on how to rock out with your crop out…
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The Interwebs for Adventurers


To keep myself from getting addicted to hours of web surfing, I use the net to actually motivate myself to do something. Here are a few methods I use:

Watching the Adventure

Despite the common misconception, YouTube is not only filled with beauty guru’s, fab dudes with pink hair and teenage girls that want attention. (I’m one of those girls, so no hate intended).Here are two (as I like to call them) Adventure-Tubers:


Jack Harries took a leap year after high school, documenting his life and travels on his YouTube channel. Since then, YouTube has become his full time job and on his channel (which is co-run by his twin brother) you can expect trips to middle Africa for charity, Rickshaw Runs through India and city-slicking in New York. Yes, the awesomeness level is high with this one.


  1. com/jacksgap
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