Spring Fashion Essential – THE ROMPER


Probably one of the most trickiest pieces to wear, yet equally the most fun and chic. The jumpsuit/romper has certainly come a long way since its’ first days of inception as a mere utilitarian piece created for Parachuters and Sky-divers (pretty rad history right?) It has now become the go-to quick fix for when you need to glam yourself with minimal effort. Or dress down for those hot summer festival days.

It comes as no surprise then, that it is this season’s must-have.
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DIY Unconventional Hair Tips



Let’s forget the lies the hair ads tell us (has your hair EVER looked like the model on TV’s after a wash?) and get down to the dirty business…
To save your hair from damage and oily breakouts after numerous dye episodes, us girls have to give our hair a break and not wash it every day!
But some of us, not gifted with thick luscious locks, have the struggle of the grease. So, here are some methods to convince people your hair is clean, and possibly look badass as well:

1. Dry shampoo
One of my favs. It actually removes the grease, and adds some extra volume – but be warned, it doesn’t last as long as wet shampoo.

2. The good ol’ beanie
Yes they might have been designed to keep your head warm, but in doing that they cover your roots! This method is perfect if your ends are looking gorge, but the roots resemble the after-effects of an oil change. Also, nobody suspects a thing, if done in winter of course.
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Cara Delevingne, ‘the New’ Cara for Topshop


cara 2
Cara Delevingne does Topshop Autumn 14, on a global scale (this is the first time Topshop uses a solo face to model their collection) which means we’ll also be able to find and enjoy this range. The Autumn season may well be over in our hemisphere, but worry not the Cara for Topshop campaign is set to sizzle even in our warmer months.

Dubbed as ‘the new Kate Moss’, during her earlier breakthrough modelling days, the 21 year old has surely carved up a niche for herself as ‘Cara the new Cara’, muse, model-extraordinaire, coming of as very true to herself and authentic (plus did we mention how we really dig her BFFs, models Jourdann Dunn and Suki Waterhouse?)

More about the campaign, Topshop has released an official video of Cara, seemingly videos are the in-thing for fashion campaigns lately. Highlights of the campaign include Cara playing with a rabbit, yes a rabbit named Cecil. Cool right? Fashion has clearly come a long way. Which ties in with Topshop’s philosophy, “our love for everything fashion, knows no bounds”, certainly bringing the fun element and personality back in fashion.
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Avoid the Text Mess



There comes a time in a girl’s life where she’s matured enough to pass on some wisdom about boys… I feel like I’m there.

So here are some of the tips I’ve learned over the years about the whole texting boys and crushes situation. Unfortunately for me, this information has all been gathered through some awkward moments on my part. Luckily for you, you don’t have to make the same mistakes – like going after a boy when he is clearly not interested in you (Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend was my life anthem, so embarrassing). #hesjustnotintoyou.

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Our very own angel Candice does Free People


Free People 1

Some people have mastered the art of looking incredibly sexy on the runway, in itsy-bitsy lace bejewelled undergarments. Others have mastered pulling off even greater style (and yet so effortless) while they’re off-duty at the airport. One brand that can arrive you at either of the two aforementioned looks is women’s specialty bohemian inspired lifestyle clothing brand, Free People.

But who exactly are these ‘Free’ people?

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Cropped Tops – Love or Hate?


This fashion comeback seems to have wiggled its way into winter fashion. So say hello to a cold back in the sacrifice to look good.

It’s also made its mark on the international scene, with celebs cropping-it-up on the red carpet and to the after parties.

The rule of thumb with cropped tops is that your naval should not be on show – unless you have killer abs. Seriously though, this is not a belly dancing competition.

Pair them with cute high-waisted pants, shorts, or a skirt. You want to feel good, and a little bit sexy. The idea is not to be flashy and in-your-face, rather maintain a slight mystery about yourself…

I’ve tapped into the minds of some fashionistas and found some great tips on how to rock out with your crop out…
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The Interwebs for Adventurers


To keep myself from getting addicted to hours of web surfing, I use the net to actually motivate myself to do something. Here are a few methods I use:

Watching the Adventure

Despite the common misconception, YouTube is not only filled with beauty guru’s, fab dudes with pink hair and teenage girls that want attention. (I’m one of those girls, so no hate intended).Here are two (as I like to call them) Adventure-Tubers:


Jack Harries took a leap year after high school, documenting his life and travels on his YouTube channel. Since then, YouTube has become his full time job and on his channel (which is co-run by his twin brother) you can expect trips to middle Africa for charity, Rickshaw Runs through India and city-slicking in New York. Yes, the awesomeness level is high with this one.


  1. com/jacksgap
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